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    I am Savvas Dimitriou:
    contrarian, deipnosophist, sesquipedalier, and self-made hundredaire. I made some things and wrote some things. You can find me around the place or even
    send me an email if you like.

  • Tindeck is a free MP3 hosting site that helps musicians, bands, and podcasters share their sounds with people around the world.

    It started in 2003 as a weekend coding project and has blossomed (or more accurately metastasized) into a lumbering colossus, bestriding the earth and crushing all who stand in its path.

    Stack: CentOS, Apache, PHP, MySQL
    Users: 70,000+
    Monthly Visitors: 1,500,000+
    XOMF is a free, easy to use image host that supports all major formats and doesn't afraid of anything.

    It was put together over the course of a few days as an experiment in working with Amazon's S3 API, although the final incarnation is entirely self-hosted.

    Stack: CentOS, Apache, PHP, MySQL
    Users: TBA
    Monthly Visitors: TBA
    Kicktone is a music distribution platform that makes it easy for bands to sell music directly to their fans and reach new audiences.

    Kicktone was accepted into the ANZ Innovyz START accelerator, one of 10 companies picked from a pool of 120 applications.

    Follow @kicktone or like us on Facebook.

    Stack: Windows Azure / LAMP
    Users: TBA
    Monthly Visitors: TBA
  • You can contact me by filling the following form with wisdom and charm, or if you would rather send an email, please forward your questions, comments or complaints to savvas@sdmtr.com


S. F. Dimitriou, Esq.

Disaffected malcontent and gentleman about town